Saturday, March 05, 2005


I've been trying to think of a good way to post reviews of the books I read, so I've decided to set up this BLOG just for that purpose.

What you'll see is that all of these books are Children's or Young Adults' books. At my age, I'm not supposed to be reading them, but I do. And I enjoy them. I hope you'll pick up a few of these and enjoy them as well.


Unknown said...

wtf mate!!
why do you read so many children's books??
you're like 40
that's kind of weird...

Paul said... depends on how you see the world.

The topics of YA (coming of age, learning to deal with the world) have always interested me since I was actually in the demographic. And I see no reason why I should stop being interested in those subjects now that I'm grown up.

It certainly seems less weird than reading the junk that writers create for guys my age or watching TV. Much of contemporary YA is easily amongst the best literature being written these days. Take a look at some of my four star recommendations -- I guarantee that you won't be disappointed.