Thursday, March 17, 2005

Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great, by Judy Blume

OK, so here I go into Judy Blume books. I blame Kara of course, because she bought me a pile of them for my birthday. She chose her own personal favorites, so I'll have quite a few of them coming up (although I'll try to intersperse other authors into the mix). I did actually read one or two of them wehn I was growing up, but it was a bit embarassing because they were so obviously girls' books. And the odd thing is that now I read all these "girls' books" now, I still find myself to be a bit embarassed to be reading them.

So, Otherwise Known as Sheila the Great is the story of a girl who spends a summer in tarrytown with her older sister and family. She learns to play with a yo yo and she learns to swim and she has a few adventures, but the pace goes by pretty quickly and there isn't a terrible amount of depth. I suspect that I've grown used to YA literature so intermediate reads seem terribly superficial these days. I had the same problem with the Judy Moody books. It's an OK read, but nothing terribly memorable.

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