Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lizzie at Last, by Claudia Mills

Elizabeth is a math whiz, with a penchant for wearing Victorian dresses, writing poetry, and imagining that she would be better off in the time of Emily Dickinson. Her quirkiness gets her labeled as a "nerd" by her classmates, but her academically-minded parents don't get Lizzie's desire to become "normal" and popular as she enters seventh-grade.

It's a bit of a hackneyed plot, with the predictable self-discovery at the end that has Lizzie deciding to be true to herslef rather than what people want her to be. However, it's lightened on the way by Mills's ability to recreate Junior High in wonderful technicolor. Again, the book suffers from being written in the third person, but Lizzie emerges nonetheless as a three dimensional character, albeit a bit of a stereotype.

Still, anyone who grew up quirky (like me) will appreciate some degree of familiarity in Lizzie's personality.

The book itself is part of a series which includes stories of several of her classmates as well. That is bound to be fun, but a bit lost on me as I'm joining the series mid-way.


best ever said...

Ihave read this books it is the best book i have ever read .I am also entering the seventh grade I know it is hard trying to fit in and trying to impress boys by acting like you need help when you are an all a's student.i would recommend this book!!!!

janie said...

I loved this book it was great! It is so true becuase i am in seventh grade and i know all the drama and boys and all that stuff!

michellechaau. said...

This book actually MEANT something to me unlike other boooks, because i can relate to that [maybe not the poetry and dress or the friends] its the INSIDe that counts =D its the BEST book a seventh grader can read, & a book for all of you out there that thinks its NOT whats on the inside that counts. This book can change a lot its also touching in the end if you kinda lived it before.

Unknown said...

I just read this book a second time and I love it's genuine way. It's a purely seventh grade book and Lizzie's thoughts on looks, poetry and dresses are just so so.. pure. True it is similar to other books in some aspects but I love it. (specially the poems she writes)