Thursday, July 14, 2005

Swollen, by Melissa Lion

When Owen, the star jock of the high school, dies of a swollen heart, Samantha has mixed feelings -- glad that he is gone and not able to tell the school about their secret, and sad that there is a gap inside of her. The gap is partly filled by the arrival of exotic Persian Farouk, who leads her into a world of danger and exploration that opens longings.

Yes, it truly is about THAT Harlequin-level of a book. Steamy and occasionally sexy, but mostly very very moody and introspective. Individual chapters might stand well as short stories (and they are maddeningly different in size and shape), with all of their inuendo and subterfuge. But, a novel is a different beast, and the story lacks a true pay off, getting lost in a pretty narrative. I like poetic writing very much, but without any story (nothing truly happens that causes any of the characters to change or grow) this is just not a very satisfying read.

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melanie said...

I disagree. I think there is a story, there is a change. The main character experiences her first real relationship and breakup. But I think maybe the only lesson she learns is that her fears about the cruel nature of boys are confirmed. Its like as soon as her "love" has finished with what he wants of her, and finds out she has given it to other guys, he's done with her in his life.
It's depressing to me, to say the least.