Thursday, November 24, 2005

John Riley's Daughter, by Kezi Matthews

When Clover runs off and disappears, Memphis becomes something of a suspect. And it is true that Memphis and Clover had a fight in which Mephis said some terrible things that she regrets, but over the next three days, a lot of tensions simmering in the family come to the forefront and Memphis has a lot of discovering about where her friends lie and what a home really is.

This is a warm yet heartbreaking story of lost innocence and sufferings that never get quite resolved. It has some rough spots that keep it from being a true classic, but I still consider it a really good book. Some of the scenes don't play very well (Memphis's romance never quite pans out and an encounter with a crazy old woman is an unexplained jumble) but there's great lyrical narrative going on her.

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