Friday, January 13, 2006

The Doll People, by Ann M Martin and Laura Godwin

Annabelle is a doll, a real one, and she and her family live in a doll house in Kate's bedroom. While Kate isn't there, they come out and act like a real family, trying to avoid the traumas of the family cat and Kate's little sister. The adventure begins when two events occur: a new family of dolls moves in next door and Annabelle goes to search for her long-lost Aunt.

Obviously with a debt to Toy Story, this is the "girls" version of that same story. There are a few clever commentaries (Barbies, we learn, are the one consistently literally lifeless dolls!) but mostly this is pleasant bedtime reading. Instead of the adventures of Buzz Lightyear, we get a pleasant story about friendship and family (how stereotypical!). Amusing, but nothing spectacular.

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