Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Nobodies, by Julianna Baggott [N. E. Bode]

In this sequel to The Anybodies, Fern and Howard go to summer camp, where the Mole (a.k.a. BORT -- sorry! no underlines!) has turned everything wrong. It is up to Fern, Howard, Corky Gorsky (secret agent!), and Good Old Bixie to thwart his plot. And with some help from everpresent empty bottle of diet lime fizzy drink, they will do it...that is, unless the author is killed by her ex writing teacher first!

More silly fun here, although of course not as striking the second time around. As sequels go, this isn't bad, but I don't imagine this story line has much left in it. Still, good for a silly chuckle. The storyline is so ridiculous that it really isn't worth following, but it will make for a fun bedtime read.

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