Friday, February 03, 2006

Wrecked, by E. R. Frank

A party, a drunken friend (and a few too many drinks perhaps of her own), a dark night, an old U2 song, and a big crash. A wave, a father, and scream that won't stop...until they all do. The friend in the cast, the SATs, therapy, the nightmares, and the attempt to rebuild and reconnect. Some stories come to happy conclusions for no particular reasons (like people bindly sending dollars to a PO Box), others remain unfinished, like the memorial website never visited or the brother who won't admit that he needs help, or a father who plays internet poker on his laptop. Sometimes you are just wrecked.

This multi-layered story (and yes, I didn't mention every subplot!) tells about how Anna recovers from the experience of driving the car that kills her brothers girlfriend, and along the way disocvers some of the mysteries of what makes her tick. It's a good story and well-written, and probably should have been another 100 pages. They say that you should always let then story tell itself. But when you get to the last ten pages and the story suddenly jumps ahead six months, you know that the author has tired of the story or an editor has forced her to shorten the manuscript, and you've been cheated of a part of the narrative. I'll give it a mixed review for that and some other narrative muddiness, but this is a very strong book and certainly worth reading!

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