Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bittersweet, by Drew Lamm

Taylor has always had plenty of ideas for pictures, but after her grandmother is taken to a nursing home, Taylor can't deal. She loses all inspiration and falls into a slump where she can't manage to draw a thing, and where she loses interest in life itself, casually accepting whatever comes her way, whether it is her friends or a guy hitting on her.

This is a soul wrenching rumination on loss and how we cope with it. It starts off very strong and ends on a predictable sad note. But in between, the story meanders, not that much unlike Taylor's own depression. The problem is that a meandering plot just isn't all that interesting to read. There's very little dramatic arch and characters wander in and out without sparking much interest. A distant father suddenly becomes less distant and then just fades away from the story, as if life going well isn't worth living or talking about. Aimless and in need of serious editing.

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