Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Dolores: Seven Stories About Her, by Bruce Brooks

Dolores is not your typical girl. She doesn't care what you think of her. She isn't afraid of strangers. She likes the yoyo. And odd obscure music. And she can handle herself in a Lexus with a horny guy lusting after her ample chest. And she does the best cheers. That's about all you need to know about Dolores.

This very short book is actually seven short stories, that share Dolores in common, although they take place in different moments of her life. Some of the stories are absolutely hiliarious, while others will leave you scratching your head. That makes for an uneven read, but the ones that are good, are REALLY good, and Brooks does wonders at blowing the top off of YA conventions.

If you thought Criss Cross rocked, you'll like the non-story flow of this book for the same reason. But if you thought Criss Cross was pompous trash (like I did) then you'll still like this collection.

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