Sunday, March 26, 2006

Holly's Secret, by Nancy Garden

When 12-year-old Holly's family moves to Massachusetts from the Big Apple, she decides to implement The Plan -- changing her name to Yvette and creating a glamorous vision of herself as more feminine, bolder with boys, and interested in things like cheerleading and ear piercings. But most of all, the new Yvette will have a normal family -- with a Mom and a Dad -- instead of Holly's two Moms.

A book obviously intended with a political message -- or to feed a market for people who read books for a political message, and thus a hard book to read for its own merits.

Putting that aside, we end up with a fairly straightforward middle reader story about how lying can come back and bite you and how good friends don't judge you for stupid things. Both of these messages good ones for kids to read about. The story has good pacing and good characters, albeit the good guys are a bit too good and the bad guys a bit too bad. There isn't much room for gray when you have a mission to accomplish!

Predictable but functional.

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