Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Queen of Second Place, by Laura Peyton Roberts

Cassie believes everyone has a talent. Whether it's Quentin's ability to find parking places, Fitz's ability to find the longest line, or Casiie's own talent at always coming in second place. But those ideas are all about to come under serious fire when Cassie meets Kevin and decides that she will be his girlfriend, even so uber-sexy Stirling has already set her eyes on the guy.

All of which makes this novel sound like a vacuous boy-crazy book, which it really isn't. Roberts's writing is great and witty and Cassie is so much the best friend that you wish you had in school. That makes her trials and tribulations really fun to follow her through and the payoff in the end when things end up...well, end up pretty much as you have to expect them to (enough said!). It's a pretty long read, but it's a good one!

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