Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Crank, by Ellen Hopkins

In free verse, we learn how Kristina (the good grades-receiving and model student) became Bree (an unwed mother and meth addict). Along the way, this is a story about addiction, drugs, danger, sexual violence, and ideals gone awry. Nice uplifting material.

But more than being dreary, it's awfully repetitive. The verse falls into two basic catgeories: pieces that advance the story (by revealing a key new plot point) and reflective pieces (that all basically state that meth has a terrible hold on people). No denying that, but how often do we need to read about it? What is missing in so much of this is what caused Kristina to start. The motivation is muddy and the escalation equally unclear. And the result is that the exercise sounds a bit sermonizing. The author's message: if you do meth, you'll get raped and beat up and lose all your friends and lose your respect...and, oh yeah, it's bad for you too.

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Grow up please said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only adult that likes YA literature! Glad I found your blog.