Sunday, May 07, 2006

Harry Sue, by Sue Stauffacher

Harry Sue is one mean-talking joint-jive-fluent young lady. She needs to get the lingo down, because she means to spend her time in the slammer as soon as she can. The problem is that she first has to start her life of crime, and she just doesn't have the heart to do what must be done. Maybe once she rescues the kids from her grandmother's day care center or gets her "road dog" and quadraplegic Homer to start trying to live again, she'll be able to become the hardened criminal she longs to be.

Harry Sue is a fun character but the writing style drains after a while and the novel is written in a madly unlinear style that makes you want to skip ahead a few pages to figure out stuff and then jump back. Sometimes, that makes things interesting, but mostly it's annoying. And in a book this long, it takes out the fun.

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