Saturday, May 13, 2006

Just Listen, by Sarah Dessen

When Annabel sees herself on TV in the Kopf's fall fashion commercial, she doesn't recognize her own image. The girl in the commenrcial is so happy and has it all, but life since she made that ad has been anything but, and Annabel feels lost. The trouble, Annabel learns, is that every lost opportunity (lost friends, lost happiness, lost life) is a result of her own inability to communicate. She'd like to think that it is because no one listens to what she wants to say, and that she should scream "just listen!" to them, but she realizes that the reality is much much more complicated.

Sarah Dessen scores again with a deeply moving story of a teen struggling to find her own voice and her own way of coping with the world. And aside from a very nasty (and frankly unnecessary) digression about 2/3 through the story, this is a wonderful read. There are so many things that are wonderful about Dessen: she's a great observer of human relationships and of the world in general, she writes beautiful flowing prose, and she has a tremendous understanding of what growing up is about. Beautiful. Haunting. Highly recommended.

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Grow up please said...

I really like Sarah Dessen's writing. I'll have to try this one.