Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Greater Goode, by Amy Schor Ferris

Addie is a pretty average 12 year-old and nowhere as bright as her friend Luke who is going away for a summer program for six weeks. But when she encounters a lone pregnant woman in an abandoned church, she gets an opportunity to do something special and to rise above everyone's expectations, including her own.

Moderatly interesting story set in rural PA with a sort of hillbilly twang to it that might make more sense in Western PA than the Poconos where it allegedly takes place. The book's real shining part is its rather matter-of-fact portrayal of various minorities without much significant comment. As if Ferris wanted to make a point that just because a character is a lesbian, doesn't make that particular characteristic vital to the story. But beyond that small niceness, there isn't a lot in this story.

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