Saturday, October 28, 2006

Returnable Girl, by Pamela Lowell

Ronnie has spent the last few years in foster homes, getting passed around as time after time she is rejected as unmanageable and unwanted. And with each rejection, she becomes worse and worse. Still, she is bright and intelligent and wants to make the right decisions. Meanwhile at school, she has an opportunity to join the popular clique, but it means rejecting her friend Cat. And the more she struggles with her decisions, the worse her choices seem to be.

An excellent novel about children in foster care and the various issues of neglectful parenting and child abuse. Lowell is a Clinical Social Worker so she has a bit of a cause here: to describe various aspects of the system. However, the book is not preachy and the material is presented subtly in a way that fits the story. It's not an entirely engaging book, but it is a good read with some substance behind it. Recommended.

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