Saturday, November 18, 2006

Kiss Me Tomorrow, by Susan Shreve

In this sequel to Blister, Alyssa (aka "Blister") has moved on to junior high and subsequent problems of both a romantic and legal nature. Her friendship with Jonah is threatened by his desire to hang out with cool boys, while her mother's decision to move in with her boyfriend Frank threatens her life at home. In short, things are changing and Blister hates change. But when Jonah is accused of shoplifting and runs away from home, Blister knows that some things do not change and she has to help her old friend.

I wasn't too taken by the original book. If I remember correctly, the heroine bothered me because she was stubborn to the point of utter stupidity so I lost sympathy for her. But the sequel suffers from muany more problems -- a plot that is all over the place and very sloppy writing. Even if I was sympathetic with Blister's character (and some folks apparently find her witty and funny), I think this story falls on its face.

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