Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Plastic Angel, by Nerissa Nields

Randi is doing her best to be popular at school. Her best friend Angela is on the verge of being a famous model and actress. Together they share a talent for singing and a dream of making it msuically. This is not so far fetched, as Randi's Dad has made a decent career as a singer himself and the girls apparently have talent. But Angela's Mom is adament that Angela stick to modeling and not get sidetracked by a musical career.

This is, of course, Nerissa Nields of the Nields (East Coast trendy folk troubadors with the distinctive warble). And the girls' songs are actually Nields songs (a CD that comes with the book includes the songs on it). That's a clever conceit. While they say that an author should always write from their own personal experience, one might find a bit too much of that in this book. The characters seem a bit unreal and the story flat and predictable. It's a awkward book.

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