Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shadow Falls, by Amy Kathleen Ryan

Annie is spending her first summer in the mountains of Wyoming with her grandfather since her older brother died in a climbing accident. It's a hard thing to do because Grandpa always was so gung ho about Cody (her brother) climbing. Ironically, for the first time Grandpa is willing to let her start climbing too. But Annie has no interest. All she feels is anger. But her anger doesn't even begin to match what a young boy Zachary and his brother are struggling with. And then there's the strange grizzly bear that Annie keeps coming in contact with and a local Indian.

Perhaps because the story is all over the place or because the characters didn't engage me, but I never really quite got caught up in this story. It's a wonderful setting and follows all the standard rules of novel writing, but left me unsatisfied. The ending is bit too predictable and easy, but in the end it just seems a bit mushy.

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