Friday, December 15, 2006

The Valley of the Wolves, by Laura Gallego Garcia

Since she was six years old, Dana has been aware that she could see a boy named Kai that no one else could see. But that is only the beginning of her powers. When she is 10, a sorceror arrives at her home and convinces her parents to let her come and be apprenticed. For years she studies to become a sorceror herself. And while she doe, she also wonders about visions she sees of a woman dressed in gold, a legend about a unicorn in the woods, and the threat of wolves in the valley.

This rather complicated and convoluted story meanders in several directions. Plot twist after plot twist occurs without much of any sense of direction. Evil is overcome and good triumphs, but the plot changes so often that this becomes a frustrating story to read. Disappointment after having ead her wonderful Legend of the Wandering King.

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