Sunday, January 14, 2007

Drawing the Ocean, by Carolyn MacCullough

Since Sadie's twin brother died when they were 12, she has felt his presence wherever she goes and her habit of talking with him has gotten her in trouble at school. But when her family moves across the country, Sadie has a chance to start her life over again and carves out a new identity for herself as a normal and popular girl. But the more she succeeds at being popular and building a relationship with a jock named Travis, the more she feels drawn to an outcast Ryan and a life that might be too much like what she left behind.

MacCullough has not had a good track record with me. Both Stealing Henry and Falling Through Darkness were good but nothing terrific. This third novel, while less original and far more formulaic than her predecessors, is actually the strong thing she's written so far. You can probably guess how the story will end up, but that does not diminish the beauty of the writing or the engrossing nature of the read. When I had to put this book down, I genuinely regretted having to do so. That is a mark of a good book!

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