Friday, February 09, 2007

The Foretelling, by Alice Hoffman

Rain is a warrior princess of the Steppes, ostracized by her mother for being the offspring of a gang rape, and feared/ignored by her tribe. But in the harsh world of the ancient world where her group of Amazon warriors defend themselves on horseback against greedy men, Rain is finding the strength to lead and the ability to interpret a prophecy to make her world a better place.

While a bit heavy on the macho images of brutal warrior women (is there a feminine version of macho?), this estrogen-packed action fest has a lot to offer. A bit more intellectual than Xena, but maintaining much of the appeal, this is a pretty brisk read. I did grow tired of the heaviness, but the cultural details were fascinating and it made for good storytelling. Hoffman has a stylistic rut in which she operates, but it's a good one to be in.

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