Saturday, February 24, 2007

Good Girls, by Laura Ruby

When someone takes a picture of Audrey going down on Luke at a party and sends it around the school so that everyone sees it (including Audrey's Dad!), you would think that her life has come to a complete end, but Audrey's a fighter and she's determined to show that the difference between a "good girl" and a "bad girl" is not so big after all.

A feel good novel with some very hillarious moments, as well as some great soul searching. The story can veer a bit, but overall this is witty and fun and strikes a very true note (the parents, in particular, come off very real; but I think it is safe to say that Ruby has just about everyone's number!). Some people might have problems with the explicitness of several chapters in the book (some readers might actually seek this out for them!), but I think that even those scenes add something to this story. A very good read and recommended for those who've grown tired of the depressing angsty literary novels (you don't have to be dry or politically-correct to have something important and empowering to say!). Hooray!

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