Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Dramarama, by E.Lockhart

Sadye and her gay black friend Demi have never quite fit in at their high school in Benton OH. Far too dramatic and theatrical! But then they both apply to go to a summer drama school and get accepted. For Demi, it is a dream come true and he flourishes in the environment, but Sadye doesn't do as well. And as the summer progresses, their friendship undergoes stress and strain as the life-changing experience of living amidst other dramaramas takes its toll.

As you may already know, I am an intense fan of E. Lockhart's writing. All of her books to date have gotten my four-star rating. It may be a bit churlish of me then to not give this one the same (I'm giving it three stars). Dramarama is an excellent book and light years better than many of the books you will read this year, but it was slightly less funny, slightly less poignant, and just sightly less spectacular. But only slightly! You will thus waste no time reading this book and you will enjoy it, but it is still not as great as her previous outings (they're a hard act to follow).

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