Saturday, July 21, 2007

Bloom, by Elizabeth Scott

Lauren and Dave are the perfect couple and everyday that Lauren walks down the hall at high school, she can tell that all the freshman girls would kill to be in her place. But from the inside, all is not so wonderful. Dave is boring and Lauren longs for something more, for someone she can share her feelings with, for someone she can truly love. And in Lauren's life, there isn't much room for real emotions or for sharing what you truly feel (her friends are distant, her father is distracted, and her mother abandoned her when she was little. And then she meets Evan...

OK, so you can probably guess where the story is going to go and it will win no prizes for originality. Worse still, the plot is full of old tired YA tripes (absent mother, distant clueless Dad, friends who just don't get you, etc.). But there is something to be said for decent writing and a sympathetic complex character. And while you know that reading a book like this is not good for you, it's still a pleasant Saturday summer read.

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