Monday, August 27, 2007

Rock My World, by Liza Conrad

In the summer before her senior year, Livi and her best friend Cam get dragged around with Livi's Dad. But it's not what you think: Dad is the lead singer of the legendary Baby Dolls and the summer is a whirl-wind trip of the world through a series of money-making nostagic gigs. As Livi interviews the band members for a journalism internship she has snagged, she also struggles with her growing attraction for the lead singer of the supporting act.

The book didn't do much for me on so many levels: crass materialism, flat characters, a rushed plot, cheap sentimental and contrived ending....I could go on. It also suffers from a major pet peeve of mine: Livi's taste in music is conveniently 10 years out of date, allowing the author to insert her music sensibilities into the story. Would it really kill a YA writer to do some research on what teens listen to now? OK, I'll withdraw my fangs but you should really give this one a miss....

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