Saturday, September 29, 2007

Just Ask, by Melody Carlson

In the first book of a new series, we are introduced to Kim, adopted Korean daughter. And while she flirts briefly with the idea of practicing Buddhism, she finds the Lord after watching The Passion of Christ at a friend's church. But the story is also framed around a teen advice column that Kim writes for her dad's newspaper, handing out rather mature advice (much of it advocating prayer) for addressing teen issues.

Somehow (and you may find this hard to believe) I did not quite clue in on the Fundamentalist agenda of the writer until I was halfway through the book. Mostly, I was annoyed at the meandering plot and the sanctimonious advice column (let's just say that Kim's perspective on things is a bit unrealistic). By the end, I had pretty much had enough of the character and the writer. I'm sure the series is popular with the converted, but otherwise give this a pass. If you want to read a more honest examination of faith (and other important topics), go back to classics like Judy Blume.

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