Monday, October 15, 2007

Girl of the Moment, by Lizabeth Zindel

When an internship at MOMA falls through, Lila gets a last minute opportunity to spend the summer working as an intern for superstar Sabrina Snow. As the summer progresses, Lila struggles with the demands of the job, with the fame of being in Sabrina's shadow, and with staying true to her own values under pressure from Sabrina.

Utterly predictable, this story follows in the fun escapist vein of a Meg Cabot novel, with the exception that Lila is far from perfect. Her mistakes make Lila more approachable, but they are the types of mistakes you can see from miles away, so it's hard to see them as credible. Some humor ensues and this is fine entertainment, but I'd still rather pick up the latest Cabot novel when I'm in the mood for this stuff.

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