Friday, December 07, 2007

Guinever's Gift, by Nicole St. John

At the turn of the century, Lydian Wentworth, after the death of her overbearing father, receives an invitation to visit the reclusive Arthuria-obsessed artist Charles Ransome. Charles is a family friend with whom her father mysteriously parted ways years before. In a whirlwind, they become engaged and maried. But things turn dark as Charles falls into an obsession with finding the grave of Arthur. The household as a whole goes to madness, murder, and dark secrets revealed. Melodrama ensues.

Not quite sure how this classic romance/mystery ended up on my YA reading list, but it was probably a mistake (perhaps a confusion with a similarly-title YA novel coming out in 2008). I found this older novel terribly overblown and pretentious (and more than a little bit silly). Probably better thought of in retrospect than in the actual reading. Avoid.

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