Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Miss Smithers, by Susan Juby

OK, back to the reviews....

It's been a year or so since Alice, I Think left off, but in this sequel, Alice McLeod is still muddling through life in Smithers BC. Her younger brother may be the one who is all together, but Alice is sorting out how to lose her virginity to her boyfriend Goose, finding a pair of leather pants, learning how not to hold her liquor, and proving that even a freak can compete in the Miss Smithers Pageant. As before, Alice is a crazy mix of fantastic insight and crazed misconceptions, and you have to love her energy and commitment.

Clever and fun writing, you either love Alice or you hate her. Several of my friends can't buy her character and hate these books, but I admire her stamina and drive, and just enjoy her twisted view on life. Juby is a genius writer in my book and these quirky books are uniquely pleasing.

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