Monday, January 07, 2008

A Small Request

Not a book review, but more of a request to folks reading my BLOG: while I don't mind having comments on my posts (and in fact, I would welcome more discussion about the books I am reviewing), I do get tired of people posting that my comments are irrelevant because of my gender or my age.

I fully understand that my tastes may differ from people a generation removed and I acknowledge the differences between male and female preferences, but to suggest that I can't appreciate a book that is targetted towards a teenage female audience is not true. 95% of what I review here is targetted towards teen girls, and I have enjoyed the bulk of what I have reviewed (I've only panned 36 out of 420 books to date).

I will like some books that you may hate and you may like books that I pan here. That's fine and I openly welcome comments that contradict my reviews. But let's keep the discussion on the merits of the book and avoid personal attacks on the reviewer. Thanks!


Unknown said...

People are leaving nasty comments? That sucks, books can be appreciated by ANYONE, regardless of their target audience. I personally think it's really cool that you can appreciate this stuff as much as a teenage girl, and love you for your helpful reviews. I use your site as a guide to what books to buy or not. Don't let anyone tell you your comments are irrelevant =)

Emily said...

This is somewhat irrelevant, but I think it's absolutely fabulous that you enjoy the novel Dreamland. I am obsessed with it. I've read it numerous times and I'm still not tired of it.