Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Derby Girl, by Shauna Cross

They say that a writer should write about what they know, so if you are a kick-ass roller derby star in L.A. who comes out of the Lone Star state, then your first novel is going to be about a young woman in Texas trying to break out of her parochial small town to become a kick-ass roller derby star. Bliss is said small-town roller wannabee, condemned to years of trying to please her mother on the pageant circuit. And while neither her town or her family understands her, Bliss knows what she wants and with the help of some friends, she is going to get it.

Clever and witty, and written in a very colloquial style, this book is an easy read. It's also fast-paced and manages to avoid tiring you out. The slang and constant cool nature of the characters does run the risk of getting old, but as it does, even Cross makes fun of her heroine's heavy reliance on a few choice words. I will take the author to task for never really showing her character struggle (no problem weighs Bliss down for long), but escape lit is supposed to be fun and this one delivers like a whip.

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