Friday, March 21, 2008

Violet On the Runway, by Melissa Walker

Violet finds her height to be a major liability that keeps her from being popular. And while she mocks the popular and beautiful kids at school with her friends, she secretly longs to be one. When a New York talent agent spots her as a new fashion superstar, Violet gets an opportunity she could never have dreamed of. Suddenly, her earlier ambitions pale beside the life she is living. But in true VH1 fashion, Violet discovers that high fashion is not all fun and glamor, and that fame has its costs.

You can predict the formula from the start and know how this story will end up. In itself, being a predictable formulaic story is not a bad thing in a comfort read like this. However, what bothered me more was how thinly Violet's character was developed. I didn't believe that her motivations were real, finding the plot a bit forced as she dumped her friends and then forced again as she tried to reclaim them. It's fun to see the inside of the fashion world (and I'm sure that a lot of readers will find that to be sufficiently entertaining) but this could have been a better book with some more work on Violet herself.

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