Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Freak, by Marcella Pixley

It's a world full of familiar stereotypes -- popular older sister, geeky younger sister, mature inaccessible guy/love interest, and bullying popular girls at school. But in this story, each of these stock protagonists has a little twist to them. The sisters are both mean to each other, the bully has a weakness, and the love interest is flawed. This adds both realism and uncertainty to a story that becomes something more as a freak steps out of her shell to become much greater than her parts in a surprising way.

Folks who need a likable heroine in order to enjoy a book will find this story a bit disappointing. No one is perfect here (or for that matter even sympathetic). Instead, there is warmth and deep insight that makes this short novel a taut and surprisingly refreshing good read. Good stuff!

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