Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Grief Girl, by Erin Vincent

In rapid succession, Erin's mother and father die from a car accident that leaves her, and her older sister and younger brother alone to fend for themselves. Quickly, Erin learns of the good and bad in the adults around her as some are helpful, while others exploit them. And it's not even a story of happy sibling bonding as the stress of taking care of themselves causes the kids to occasionally turn on each other.

I honestly had not intended to read two books in a row about parental death, but that is how it turned out. While this novel also veers around a bit (and it is even more jarring because the story jumps through the years), the book has a more compelling narrative and is the better of the two books. This is in no small part due to being a true autobiography. But even so, this could have been fairly turgid stuff. Vincent shows promise as a writer and should consider venturing into something more fictional.

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