Thursday, April 17, 2008

Julep O'Toole: Miss Independent, by Trudi Trueit

When last we saw Julep, she was struggling with being the middle child. Now, she's having Mom troubles. Mom simply won't give her any peace! Whether it's being allowed to wear the shirt her aunt bought her, getting a cell phone, or quitting piano, Mom refuses to accept that Julep is growing up and should be allowed to have some independence. After all, it's not like she's a baby anymore! She's in sixth grade!

I sell Julep a bit short with that description, because she remains a funny and mildly precocious character whose struggles to define herself and her role in her family continues to make her an endearing person. Just as the previous book had something that anyone with siblings could relate to, this book will strike instant recognition with anyone who has ever fought with their parents. Delightful and fun!

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