Sunday, June 01, 2008

Camp Rules, by Jordan Roter

When Penny's parents decide to surprise her on her 16th birthday by sending her to camp for the summer, they don't realize that you can't just start going to camp at 16. It's something that you have to start doing at 8 and grow into. Worse, because of Fern Lake Camp's rules, Penny's been promoted to the elite Bunk One (where the oldest and most-privileged campers are). This doesn't sit well with some of her bunk mates and things get off to a rocky start. Gradually, Penny wins them over and discovers the fun she's been missing.

A lightweight and brisk read. The dialogue sounds authentic (or at least obnoxious enough to my crotchety ears to be authentic!) and the characters have good distinct personalities. But the plot is essentially non-existent. If you like to sit around and listen to a lot of goffy gossip, this could be fun, but I would think that going to camp this summer for real would be a lot more fun than living vicariously through these hijinx.

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