Friday, June 20, 2008

You Know Where To Find Me, by Rachel Cohn

Laura and Miles were cousins, and as close as they could be. And while they appeared to share nothing in common (Laura was petite and popular; Miles overweight and a loner), they were very close. As they grew up and transitioned from fantasy play in the tree house to abusing prescription pain killers, they maintained their tight bond. Laura was always the one who had it together, so when it is Laura who kills herself, no one can believe it. And Miles who has the most trouble struggling to survive without her lifeline.

A bit of a departure for Cohn, this downer novel suffers from a dead plot (pun intended). The theme is grief, but you have probably never seen the phases of sorrow depicted as dull as this. Virtually nothing happens in this story and saddling the plot with an unsympathetic heroine does not really help things along. Give this a pass!

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