Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Compound, by S. A. Bodeen

Six years ago, Eli's father evacuated the family to an underground shelter to save them as the bombs started to fall and before nuclear winter descended on the planet. But after all these years trapped underground, Eli and his sisters have grown suspicious that there are secrets being withheld from them. This becomes more pressing as conditions grow more desperate. Their food supply is running out and Dad has turned to drastic measures.

A surprisingly gripping story, despite the fact that you really do know how it is going to end. Good pacing and a decent number of twists and turns keep things interesting up to the conclusion. As a result, this story ends up being a decent action/suspense piece with enough of a human element to keep it engaging. A few days after reading it, I'm questioning a few of the weaker plot points, but while I was reading, I was pretty engrossed.

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