Monday, November 24, 2008

Would You, by Marthe Jocelyn

One night during the Summer, while Nat and her friends are having fun sneaking into people's pools, they pass an accident site. Within a few minutes, Nat learns that her sister has been struck by a car and is now in a coma at the hospital. In the days that pass, she and her family (and their friends) come to grips with the idea of losing someone you love, who you never thought you would lose since she was so young.

A thin story, both in length and in development, that struggles to tell the story of grief in a new and original way. This one's in first-person present tense yet somehow manages to avoid any feeling of closeness or immediacy. I never felt connected to the characters nor any real compassion for what they were going through. And the story was so old and undeveloped. People grieve. It's sad. That's basically the story.

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Kelly Jensen said...

I had the same feelings about this one with it's thin narrative and uninteresting take on a repetitive story. Seems to me that there could have been so many ways to make it new and interesting but this one just...didn't. I'm a bit surprised it was a CLA honoree this year; I think there were far better titles!

- Kely (