Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feathered, by Laura Kasischke

During Spring Break in their senior year of High School, three girls (Terri, Anne, and Michelle) go to Cancun. The planis to meet some boys, have a few drinks, and enjoy themselves in the sun. But beneath the surface, the girls are always just a bit aware of the danger of being a young woman in such a situation. And when the fear of danger becomes a horrible reality instead, one of them struggles with her inability to cope with the changes it causes in their lives.

A beautifully-written tale (Kasischke's previous works have primarily been written in verse and it shows!) about a very dark subject. The story avoids exploitation by focusing on character themes (Michelle's search for beauty and Anne's fear of living). The juxtaposition of the characters is striking and creates a book that transcends its genre with its ambitious design.

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