Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Julep O'Toole: What I Really Want To Do Is Direct, by Trudi Trueit

In this third installment, Julep is unwillingly drafted into a drama club production of Princess and the Pea in order to save her English grade. But she can't stand it. Just as she is about to give up (having fought a losing war against the paper mache trees she is being forced to make for stage crew), she is granted the opportunity to become an assistant director. This changes things immensely, but even Julep isn't prepared for what happens next!

Clever and witty middle reader material about an energetic and adventuresome girl. She had trouble asking for help (probably a problem that readers her age can relate to) but she is resourceful and charming. The series is getting a bit worn out and tired and this latest edition lacks the charm of the first book, but this is well-written entertaining material for the right audience.

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