Saturday, March 14, 2009

My One Hundred Adventures, by Polly Horvath

In one busy Summer, 12-year-old Jane gets roped into helping the minister distribute Bibles, babysitting the horrible Gourd children, and meeting a series of men who used to date her mother (and may or may not be her father). There's her best friend getting dragged off to soccer camp and the lonely Mr Fordyce with his endless berries (and love for all children - even the Gourd kids!). In sum, a array of crazy situations. Jane starts off the Summer wishing for a hundred adventures. And while she doesn't quite manage that many, she does come close!

Another zany Mainelander tale from Horvath. In spirit, this is a close relative of The Canning Season, but with a slightly meaner streak to it (in terms of how the characters treat each other). For this reason mainly, I had a hard time getting through this story. It lacked the lightness of Horvath's other books and its zaniness came across as disjointed ideas instead of the usual cleverness of Horvath's other writings.

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