Friday, April 24, 2009

Season of Ice, by Diane Les Bacquets

In the late Fall, Genesis's father goes missing. They quickly find his truck and his boat, but the body (for it seems likely that the worst has happened) is not found. Before the search can get much further, the lake begins to freeze over and the search must be delayed until the Spring. In that winter, Gen and her family deal with the uncertainty and come to terms with their loss. Gen spends the time searching out friends of her Dad's to try to learn more about him.

A well-written, but ultimately dull story of grief. The author has a good sense of the characters and the community she portrays is rich and colorful, but the story does not go anywhere. The jacket blurb's promise of romance, for example, is largely unrealized. Other subplots fizzle in similar fashion. It is a pretty work but a purposeless exercise.

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