Sunday, May 17, 2009

Getting the Girl, By Susan Juby

Girls at Harewood High School are getting blacklisted (or "defiled") through an anonymous accuser. The results are devastating -- complete social ostracism. However, Mack Daddy (a.k.a. shy 9th grader Sherman Mack) is on the case! He doesn't know much about girls (and even less about the specifics of the case!) but he bravely plows ahead, even if it means getting caught in a closet wearing a dress that belongs to the mother of one of the lacrosse players! Before the story is done, he will have exposed the mysterious "defiler" and managed to prepare a dinner party for twelve.

A bit more hectic than Juby's previous books but still displaying that same dark wit. The narrator's still slightly more clueless than your average reader (not so much that you can hate him, but enough for a good laugh). As with the Alice books, this can be hard to digest (either you like or you don't) but unlike those books, the humor is less mean and anyone can root for our hero's attempt to right the social wrongs of casting out people who are different.

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