Monday, May 11, 2009

Switched, by Jessica Wollman

Laura would love to be doing anything this year besides cleaning the houses of rich people, but there is no other way she can come up with to earn the money she needs to attend UCONN next year. Willa is floundering at home, sentenced to attend yet another boarding school, where she will undoubtedly fail yet again and let her parents down. In short, two very unhappy girls. But through some strange stroke of fate, the girls are dead ringers for each other and they hatch a plot to switch places -- Laura will become Willa and vice versa -- and both of them will get to live the life they have dreamed of.

Yes, it's Prince and the Pauper modernized and set in the word of texting and MySpace. Who says the classics have to be boring? The story stretches believability in more ways than one and has enough skips in logic to make your head spin, but I have to give it some credit -- I kept reading and I even enjoyed myself. Brainless escapism, but then it's almost Summer isn't it?

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