Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Summer I Found You, by Jolene Perry

Kate and Aidan are both battling their private demons and more alike than they (or anyone else) realizes.  She's struggling with a recent diagnosis as a diabetic, mostly in denial and failing to manage her condition.  He's an injured vet, missing an arm, and unable to come to terms with his change in fortune or what his options for the future are.  At first, the two of them find solace in living in denial of their situations together.  But as the real world makes that less and less feasible, they come to understand that, if they value their relationship together, they need to take some time out and fix up their lives.

Two interesting protagonists with a painfully obvious solution in front of them.  I'll agree it isn't easy to make the right decisions even when they are blatantly obvious.  However, it is a strain on the reader to maintain interest in a story line that relies upon keeping the characters stubborn as long as is feasibly possible.  That can feel a bit artificial.  Especially so, when resolving the drama is achieved by simply having the characters change their minds. And while I get how events pushed Kate into cleaning up her life, I'm less convinced by Aidan's eventual coming round.

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