Friday, October 28, 2016

Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here, by Anna Breslaw

Scarlett does not have much of a life IRL, but she's a major force in Lycanthrope High fanfiction.  And when the show (a thinly veiled Buffy) is cancelled, she and her online friends have to come to grips with what lies in their futures.  Scarlett certainly has a lot of real life issues to deal with that she now finds herself unable to avoid:  a father who abandoned her, an old guy friend who drifted apart, and girlfriends who've turned to frenemies.  An eccentric old lady serves as advisor and oracle.

Packed full of cultural references, Scarlett Epstein is trying to go for snarky and cool (or at the very least to capture its snarky and cool heroine).  The style can get tiring and I found the attitude off-putting.  In the end, the old lady was pretty much the only character I bonded with.  And much of the time, I wondered what the point was?  It's all very clever but not a story which held much interest for me.

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