Saturday, March 25, 2017

Escaping Perfect, by Emma Harrison

Cecilia has been sheltered and hidden away from public view since surviving a kidnapping in second grade.  Protected by bodyguards and not allowed out of sight, she lives under the heavy hand of her mother, a powerful politician.  But when a chance comes for Cecilia to slip away, she grabs the opportunity and bolts.  Now, with little knowledge of how to survive on her own, she finds herself in a small Tennessee town, where she quickly makes friends and settles down.  But when a romantic triangle threatens to blow her cover, she must choose between the love of her life and her recently acquired freedom.

There are enough plot problems in this story that it doesn't bear much serious consideration, but the whole trip is glorious.  The characters are instantly relatable and the story is fun.  There's an awful lot of jealousy floating around and just enough PG romance scenes to keep things interesting.  It's escapist fun and adolescent romance, and that's about all one needs to know!  The ending is an unexpected cliffhanger, so we should presume that book two is on its way soon.

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